Coming soon (4hrs) hiking + (60min) yoga + (30min) cacao ritual (Outdoor)


(free for childern)

60min yoga class

30min cacao ritual

10.00am to 16:00pm hiking

Meeting point-Train station Plaza España, Palma.


Hiking and yoga are two complementary activities that can help you boost your mood, lower stress levels and improve physical fitness and stamina. Both activities are effective when practiced separately but when you combine them the benefits are amplified.

After researching how practicing yoga can benefit hikers, I was curious about how families can benefit from practicing yoga together in our -favorite setting: nature!

Having fun -doing down-dog pose, allow the child to be the leader. Picking a yoga pose from a list of animal/nature that we learned before, they can teach us how to do it. Each child can take a turn to teach us one. Playing with the wind as their guide to practice pranayama saying: breathe in the breeze. Also asking the children if they can pretend to be what they see around. I could do the pose myself first to show what I mean or let them come up with one. I will use letters of the alphabet to encourage a certain pose from yoga using kid-friendly names, such as crocodile, butterfly, cat/cow, frog, etc

It is with great delight that I will be sharing after the yoga class with Mum’s/Dad’s and their tribes in a circle the Sacred Cacao Ritual. We will do some drumming to weave some more magic together.

The cacao ceremonies is a centuries- old ritual that seems to be the best opener for the heart. In addition to being packed with vitamins and minerals, cacao increases blood flow to the brain, helping to strengthen perception and concentration.



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