Thursdays (60min) Mum & baby Yoga + (15min) tea (Indoor)


60min class

15min tea

10:00am CET

A single class: 14€

A 5 classes bono: 60€

Online: half price.


I combine specific postnatal yoga exercises for both mums and babies to enjoy together.

The yogic way of living has accumulated a wide range of knowledge on how to sustain your body, mind and spirit during your transition into motherhood. The mood, the iron and sugar levels, the baby’s movements, the size of the belly, libido, breastfeeding, vaccinations, birth type …

There are countless issues that a woman needs to address during the gestation period. The classes of yoga act on the body to generate changes. First we use the breath and movement to create the changes we want, such as changing the body chemistry. Then we relax to make room for the integration of these changes and observe any physical, emotional and mental relief. In this state we can reflect upon these changes.

We conclude that the practice of yoga leads to a state of consciousness that allows us to acknowledge the issues that concern us and begin the process of realigning mind, body and spirit to a state of wellbeing. This can be aided by positive thinking or discussing issues one to one or in a support group.

The purpose of the Japanese tea ceremony is to create bonding between the host and guest and also gain inner peace. Harmony, respect, purity, and peace, the four components of the Japanese tea ceremony are consistent with the underlying principles of mindfulness and conscious living on and off the yoga mat. Having tea before or after yoga is a beautiful and easy way to enhance a practice.Tea without milk or sugar keeps your energy up as you move fluidly from one asana to another.One of the biggest benefits of mothers groups is meeting other new mums and building new friendships. Getting yourself and your baby out to socialise can be a lifesaver. Social isolation can be a risk factor for postnatal depression and anxiety.(It will be a 15min tea time before the class starts to get to know each other. No ceremony, just a time for relaxation before we begin)



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