Thursdays (60min) Yoga Align + (30min) wine & pasty (Outdoor)


60min yoga class

30min gathering

19:00 to 20:30hrs

Outdoor-Parc de la Mar, Palma de Mallorca.


Something powerful happens when we consciously gather in community to practice together.


Connection, emotional support, and a feeling of belonging.

My classes focus on alignment through postures, breathing work and meditations. I teach a gentle form of yoga. The outcome is a more flexible and stronger body that increases the sense of wellbeing.

“Yoga Align is the foundational yoga style that I offer, encompassing both the basics and progressions. Yoga Align includes an exploration of all the poses from seated to standing, upside down to the right way around. Discover a synthesis of your body and mind and meld both in the moment for the ultimate experience of balance.”

Hatha yoga include: strengthening and toning the muscles, facilitates digestion, improves the functioning of the organs and promotes sleep. It improves the immune system with the contractions and stretching of the muscles and the movement of the organs, helping the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins in the body. It tones our spinal column, which connects nerves with different organs and with the brain system. Increases flexibility by favoring cells that join muscle fibers. Improve our daily posture with the realignment of our back. Relaxes and centers the mind helping us to be present and happy. And it fills us with energy.

We will end up testing a vegan/ vegetarian pasty and a glass of wine to weave some more magic together.

Numbers will be kept to a minimum to maintain the intimacy of our group so book early to avoid disappointment.


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