I have find that yoga is a way of connecting to myself. It gives me the ability to understand who I am and what I am capable of achieving. It improved my daily posture with the realignment of my back as well as relaxing & balancing my mind, helping me to be present and happy. Read more


I started to practice Kundalini Yoga as one of the subjects in a Drama School in Barcelona in 2005. I teach yoga to everyone: beginners, pregnant women, mums and babies and professional athletes, adapting the practice to the individual’s needs and ability. I have been teaching yoga since August 2013. Read more


I qualified as a Hatha Flow, Kundalini, Yin, Pregnancy and mums + babies yoga teacher. My classes focus on alignment through postures, breathing work and meditations. I teach a gentle form of yoga. The outcome is a more flexible and stronger body that increases the sense of wellbeing. Read more


I am passionate about inspiring women through yoga movement, breathing work and meditation so they deepen the connection between the mother & the unborn during pregnancy & in the postnatal period with the newborn. Then we relax to make room for the integration. The practice leads us to a state of consciousness. Read more

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