“I have been practicing Yin Yoga with Alejandra for more than two years; at my local leisure centre then online during lockdown. I really look forward to this class, it is so calming. Once warmed up, Alejandra will take you through a series of poses which are held 2 to 3 minutes, offering options to allow for differing levels of flexibility. The class usually ends with some breathing exercises and meditation. At the end of the practice, I feel refreshed- that is the only word for it.”

Malvina Crook

“I have practiced Alejandra `s yoga classes on many occasions. She is always very enthusiastic, friendly and very well versed in the practice of Yoga. Always very helpful, sincere and practical with variations in technique, particularly if you have health problems. I would recommend her classes to anyone with an interest in Yoga whether they are experienced or a novice.”

Berry Small

“My experience with online classes with Alejandra were very beneficial. I always feel rejuvenated. The class requires minimal space capacity and the Yoga position will benefit all. Alejandra will also offer alternative poses to suit all needs. I found the classes great for both body and mind especially during the recent lockdown.”

Winnel Radcuffe

“I had practiced very few times yoga in my life, following Alejandra´s classes is good to really start. She is very clear and patient. I highly recommend it.”

Amelie Jacquet

“I attended to two events: the fist was a hiking through the forest of Bellver Castle, with a beautiful yoga session under the shade of the pines, finished with a conscious cacao ritual. The second hiking was wonderful, to breathe the fresh air of nature from Estellencs to Banyalbufar, in the middle Alejandra gave us a yoga session fused with the environment and with spectacular views of the sea.”

Toni Masso

“I attend to the online Fridays morning yoga classes with Alejandra. The classes are relaxing. She has a great energy and is very knowledgeable too. I feel peaceful and balanced after her classes. A great end to a busy week so I can be unwind ready for the weekend.”

Hayley Harrison

“I came to the Thursday evening class with Alejandra and absolutely loved it. The location was beautiful and the class was so nice, I felt really relaxed and it was a great way to meet new people. The empanadas/ pasty and wine were delicious and we enjoyed a few drinks after the class too!”

Emma Lindsay

“I took part in Alejandra’s morning class. We were a small group and practice outside which was a perfect and relaxing start into the day. The asanas we did were calm and comfortable to do which contributed to an overall great relaxed feeling. I could feel the effects the whole day. It was a beautiful way to start the new week. I would love to do more sessions with her.”

Sabrina Kröffges

“Great & very relaxing experience. Yoga, meeting new people in the evening & sun in a green area. Highly recommended! Thank you Alejandra!”

Pauline Helber

“A lovely idea to relax and calm you mind. Would recommend anyone who want a quality rest with fun people and beautiful view.”

Lida Kaloeva

“Wonderful yoga session and lovely conversations with the group afterwards. Would highly recommend and I’ll definitely come back if I’m ever in Mallorca!”

Helena Paezmaletz

“Cute chilling experience and opportunity to make new friends. Alejandra is great and funny team maker . I recommend to try yoga with her at lovely locations and you will completely switch off…”

Linda kristof

“Amazing time during sunset in Palma 🙂 We really enjoyed the yoga class and very nice evening after that. Alejandra is so kind, it was a pleasure to meet her..”

Martina Růžičková

“After the hiking I felt very happy because its a lot of fun within a small group. I felt so motivated. Hiking was a good choice to do something for being fit. And the combination with yoga was a good experience and training for the body”.

Anne Springer

“I have joined Alejandra’s yoga session and hiking tour in Mallorca. After both sessions I felt rejuvenated, grounded and centered filled with a sparkle of joy and nourishment. I loved the idea of sitting and eating together afterwards. I highly recommend Alejandra’s session either online or offline or both. Much Love!”

Madlen Brauer

“Contento por la experiencia del domingo, fue mi primera asistencia y la verdad es que disfrute de la combinación del senderismo, yoga al aire libre y ritual de cacao. Alejandra muy atenta, nos guió de lujo en esta sesión de recarga energética, gracias!”

Bartolomé Morey

“I had a great time hiking with Yoga-heartbeat! Combining the hike with a yoga session and a cacao ritual was a great way making the session a delightful experience. Alejandra is both skilled and great teacher, making the session both informing and enjoyable. Highly recommend!”

Rune Andersen

“I love Ms Alejandra’s teachings and sense of humour there’s no way you can’t learn all her techniques and stretches as she literally takes her time and patience. I joined her yoga classes in Greenwich London. I lived and loved yoga. I never missed a class. Classes are always sold out lol so I literally have to rebook immediately.. Thanks a lot”

Caroline Okwunwanne

Pregnancy testimonials 

“I attended to a few yoga classes with Alejandra, of different modalities during my pregnancy. But the Yin/Yang has won my heart, precisely because it felt so complete and relaxing at the same time. I felt like she has gave me precisely what my body and mind needed in this moment of such intensity. Alejandra has a lot of experience and she leads the classes very much in line with the participants, as well as offering a wide range of practices so  that we can choose the one that best suits us.”

Julia Pannesa

“I am glad I have found pregnancy yoga class with Alejandra. I really enjoy having this class every week as it gives my body a workout and it makes me feel relaxed and better afterwards. Online classes works well for me and my schedule. I really recommend anyone who is pregnant to find time to practice some yoga with Alejandra.”

Maribel Vasquez Flores

“I was practicing yoga during pregnancy with Alejandra and it has been great. The classes included a certain degree of intensity, but also movements thinking about the typical discomforts of pregnancy (back, hips, neck) and we end up with a relaxation. In addition at the end of each class Alejandra has asked us individually for our feedback in order to adapt the next session. I’m very happy with the experience, 100% recommended.”

Beatriz Bejar

Parents & babies testimonials  

“I really enjoyed the parent and baby yoga class with Alejandra, it was a great mix of relaxing and strong stretching exercises, guided by her lovely voice!”

Pauline L Hénaff

“The class was good fun! The baby was very relaxed after the class and I was feeling a lot better too.”

Daisy Eccleshall

Private classes available upon request